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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and welcome to the 1.Jagdmoroner Abteilung,

this is a forum on which to discuss military history, military matters in general and related political issues. And other stuff deemed worthy of discussion. We are not dogmatic, and there is plenty of leeway in here

What is the background of this forum?
We are a collection of geeks, who found each others elsewhere, but migrated to this safe haven August 29th 2002. This site was made by Friis and Grosbøl, who maintains it and updates it occasionally (we do! Honestly!). A few of the other members have helped morally and financially and we are grateful to them for their help. We are also delighted that some of our brethren have taken the time to submit their own work to our articles section.

So what´s with the Penguiners?
We´ll get to that later., so where´s that, Djibouti?
.dk is the national domain of Denmark, and the place of residence of both the hosting server and most of the Junta. It was chosen because it was cheaper than a .com domain, and because we felt some cybertourism wouldn´t hurt. You can live with it

Denmark, I know that! It´s the capital of Sweden!
First of all, that isn´t really a question. Secondly Denmark is a constitutional Monarchy that can trace its independence as a unified nation back to ca. 900 a.d. It is currently ruled by Queen Margrethe II. Its flag Dannebrog fell from the heavens at the battle of Lyndanisse in Estonia June 15. 1219.

Denmark lies in Northern Europe, the Northern neighbour of Germany (who should invade during the next decade if they are to be on scheduele ) and the Western neighbour of Sweden.

Yes, the girls are pretty cute; no, there aren´t any polar bears in the streets in winter.

Oh, by the way: we´re Metric and we mean it!

Why are you telling me this?
Well, you asked, and some common knowledge has never hurt anyone.

So, if I want to sue you, I won´t get anything out of it?
Correct, since our legal home is in Denmark, you´d get diddley squat out of it.

So what, we have to speak Danish?
As one might have gathered by the FAQ so far, the official forum language is English. Posts in other languages will not be tolerated unless the forum administrators understand said language and is sent a hefty bribe . Or if it is ontopic to speak swahili or whatever. Or if it is funny. We are not a dictatorship, we are more like enlightened monarchy .

The Penguiners?
All in good time.

So what can I discuss at this forum?
Generally speaking, military history and politics. But since the scope of these topics extend into quite many subjects, pretty many diversions are allowed. The fine line between the topics are always blurred anyway, and although we aim to keep things on topic, we are not hysterical. Besides you couldn´t stay on topic even if you tried!

Additionally there is the Shore Leave category, which is meant for lighthearted fun. In there we are VERY tolerant!

So anything goes?
Think again, dweep! Personal insults, unacceptable material and general bad behavior will lead to deletions; first the offending parts of the post, followed by a warning, then deletions of entire posts (to save time) and finally to expulsion from the forum.

We´ll try to be fair and just, and certainly not to let our own views colour things. This is off course difficult, so feel free to take up discussion of the editing in the Officers Mess category of this forum.

The Penguiners?
Well, this seems a godd a time as any.

For some strange reason, an article was put up at another place (referred to as TOBB) describing how penguins on the Falklands fell over backwards when planes flew overhead. Within one page of discussion the Penguiner had become a symbol of all that is True and Good in life , like good posting supported by facts and being polite. Conversely the Moroner became a symbol of the troll, the impolite and the factfree poster .

Thus the 1. Jagdmoroner Abteilung came into life. A unit of Penguiners specialized to combat Moroners by infiltration tactics or main assault!

Their motto: "Who dares Penguins!"

Using the Cool smiley is approving that something is Penguinic, i.e. True, Good or just plain Allright.

Using the means that something is Not Good, Stupid, Callous and all in all Not Allright. Please note that a Moroner is NOT a moron, and that the administrators will allow the use of the word in a non insulting way.

Our Gallery contains a collection of drawings that capture the Beauty of the Penguiners and the Evil of the Moroners.

So? Where do I go from here?
Go register and join in the fray! Please note that we will only allow registered users. This is from bad experience on TOBB, where an influx of Moroners lead to a degeneration of the general level of discussion.

Allright, this seems very good, is it this easy?

I betcha this is just some scam to get peoples E-mail for spamming purposes?!
No, they will NOT be divulged to a third party by the administration of this board, but bear in mind that any information you put up publicly is, er, public. Some prudence when dealing with strangers on the internet is advisable.

Yeah right, but then you are going to make a bundle on adverts and popups and what not!?
Do you see any? The Junta HATE popups and will NEVER have them on this forum. Popups is contrary to everything Penguinic!

As for advertising, this shouldn´t be nescesarry. As things are now the board is paid right out of the Juntas own pocket. This is no problem at the moment. How long this will stay so is unclear, but we´ll take pains to avoid annoying advertising.

At this moment in time, asking people to send in money probably wouldn´t go down to well either

Things will progress as we go along, and rest assured we´ll keep you posted.

Speaking of which, will there be any improvements to this site?
Yes! Firstly we have to get things running, but in both the short and long run we expect to provide added content.

One thing is to arrange for an Online wargaming/simulation page forum members can use to team up on, and perphaps even use for PBEM and such. We should have our own clan, btw, the *1.JmA*. Let´s get going Penguiners!

If you, dear Penguiners, have any ideas for improvements then take them to the Officers Mess and let us hear! Bear in mind though, that none of the Junta is particularily wellversed in homepage design. We are learning. Fast, as it is!

How do I submit my articles, full of brillianty reaseached original material?

You mail them to the mailingslist administrator who will read them and post them to our article section if the content is within the scope of this site. Any links you want to share goes the same way. The mailinglist is sent out occasionally with the latest updates from the links section.

I think I´ve gotten answer to most of my questions now; what if I come up with more later?
Just post them in the Officers Mess, it´s that simple.

And note that there is a forum FAQ in the top right corner of the any page (yes, move your eyes up and right! ), this will answer most questions on the practical use of the forum.

I´ll be off to post profound, serious and factfilled post on this delightful forum!
Of you go then!