Chapter 6: References Used

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NOTE to Readers:

The following are the books which I used for compiling the five part series for on The Imperial Japanese Army Ground Forces in the Second World War. I was limited in my book/source selection by the holdings of the various Public Libraries where I have lived since the start of this project (Duluth, MN and Carbondale, PA). Of the 21 titles, I own 16 of them. I attempted to include as many of the on-line websites for those books/resources which are on-line and available to all. As resources become available and my collection grows and or my access to sources improves I will revisit and edit up and or down the contents of this five part series.


Browne, Courtney. Tojo: The Last Banzai. Paperback Library Inc, NYC, NY. 1968.

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Dunnigan, James and Nofi, Albert. Dirty Little Secrets of World War II: Military Information No One Told You About the Greatest, Most Terrible War in History. William Morrow and Company Inc, NYC, NY. 1994.

Duus, Peter, Modern Japan. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA. 1998.

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Harries, Meirion and Susie. Soldiers of the Sun, The Rise and Fall of the Imperial Japanese Army. Random House, NYC, NY. 1991.

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Lory. Hillis. Japan’s Military Masters: The Army in Japanese Life. Viking Press, NYC, NY. 1943.

Slim, William Field Marshal Viscount. Defeat into Victory: Battling Japan in Burma and India, 1942-1945. Cooper Square Press, NYC, NY. 2000

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Whitman, John. Force Analysis: The Japanese Army in World War II, Strategy and Tactics Magazine #218, SEP-OCT2003.

Zich, Arthur, The Rising Sun. Time Life Books, Alexandria, VA. 1977.





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