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Text by 1JMA member Skorzeny

Ukrainian Galician Army consisted of 3 Army Corps, moreover, during the Chortkiv offensive of June 8-28, 1919, 2 additional Army Corps were organized, making up the total number of 5 Corps formations.
I Galician Corps with HQ at Kaminka-Strumylova (presently Kamianka-Buzka) corresponded to Lviv Military Territorial Region, II Galician Corps with HQ at Bibrka corresponded to Ternopil Military Territorial Region, and the III Galician Corps with HQ at Stryj corresponded to Stanislav Military Territorial Region.

The I Galician Corps was formed in January 1919 on the basis of operative group North, responsible for the northern wing of Ukrainian front from Belz to Dubliany, absorbing existing units of this operative sector. The commander of disbanded group North?Colonel Viktor Kurmanovych became commander of the I Galician Corps and Captain Bogdan Gnatevych was appointed his Chief-of-Staff.

Commanders: Colonel Viktor Kurmanovych (January 1919?February 1919)
Lieutenant Colonel Osyp Mykytka (February 1919?November 1919)

Chiefs-of-Staff: Captain Bogdan Gnatevych
Major Wurmbrandt
Major Ivan Kunisch

Head of Operative Department: Major Ferdinand Lohner

Operative Department: Communication Referent: Lieutenant Semen Tsap
Intelligence Referent:
Artillery Referent: Major Ivan Kunisch

Organization-material Department: Personnel Referent
Technical Referent: Kindrat Jur-Kyryliuk
Intendance Referent: Captains Ivan Pashkevych, Mykhajlo Stanko, Roman Petrushevych, Volodymyr Yarema, Lev Dorozhynsky
Sanitary Referent: Captain-Doctor Tadei Jacyk, Captain Mykhajlo Segen
Veterinary Referent: Lieutenant Roman Prystashevsky
Train Referent: Lieutenant Lev Gaiduchok
Propaganda Referent: Lieutenant Osyp Gachkevych
Corps Judge: Captain Mykhajlo Laskavetsky.
Corps Chaplain: Father Petro Kashuba, Father Ivan Lebedovych, Father Grygory Rubchak, Father Ivan Kyprijan.

Organization-Material Department Units:
HQ Company
Communication Company
Technical Company
Intelligence unit
Gendarmerie Company
Station command
Ammunition depot command
Intendancy unit
I Galician Corps Court-Martial: Corps Judge Captain Mykhajlo Laskavetsky, Deputy Corps Judge Captain Evgen Velychkovsky, members?Captain Ivan Shalynsky, Captain Omelian Podliashecky, Lieutenants Semen Voloshchak, Vasyl Kuk, ensigns Mykola Rastavetsky, Ivan Yarema.
Newspaper editorial office (From March 16, 1919 the I Galician Corps HQ published newspaper Kozacky Golos (The Cossack Voice), which in June 1919 became the official newspaper of the UGA High Command).


HQ: Kamianka-Strumylova

Rifle Brigades: 5th Sokal Rifle Brigade
6th Rava Rifle Brigade
9th Ugniv-Belz Rifle Brigade
10th Yaniv Rifle Brigade

I Galician Corps/ Rifle Brigades

5th Sokal Rifle Brigade was formed in January 1919 on the basis of a combat group led by Captain Osyp Demchuk.

Commanders: Captain O.Demchuk, Colonel Zahariin, Captain P.Petryk, Captain V.Sekunda, Captain V.Kosar
Chief-of-Staff: Captain O.Demchuk
HQ Referents: Captain I.Ohrym, Lieutenant M.Melnychuk, Lieutenant I.Kozak
Brigade Doctor: Captain L.Sosenko
Brigade Chaplain: Father O.Baransky

1st Infantry Battalion (Commander Lieutenant K.Vashchuk)
2nd Infantry Battalion (Comander Lieutenant R.Kopanycky)
3rd Infantry Battalion (Commander Lieutenant I.Chajka)

5th Artillery Regiment: 12 field guns and 3 howitzers
Commander: Captain A.Cyganyk
Chief-of-staff: Lieutenant V.Petryshyn

1st Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant G.Davyd)
2nd Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant O.Melnykovych)
3rd Howitzer Battery (Commander Lieutenant V.Klodnycky)

In January-February 1919 the 5th Sokal Rifle Brigade had 5700 bayonettes, 175 sabres and 6 artillery pieces, defending 70-km wide front sector near Sokal. Artillery positions?near Potorycia, HQ at Sokal.

9th Ugniv Rifle Brigade was formed in January 1919 on the basis of a combat group led by Captain Volodymyr Stafinjak, renamed 9th Belz Rifle Brigade in March 1919.

Commanders: Captain V.Stafinjak, Captain V.Hromjak, Major B.Shashkevych, Captain J.Feshchur
Chief-of-staff: Lieutenant Bachynsky, Major B.Guber
Brigade Doctor: J.Mavrykij

1st Infantry Battalion (Commander Lieutenant I.Pushkar)
Hutsul Infantry Battalion (Commanders Lieutenant P.Shlemkevych, Lieutenant S.Vaskan, Lieutenant M.Zavorotniuk)
3rd Infantry Battalion (Commander Lieutenant A.Babij, Captain Bereziuk)
Cavalry Company (Commander Lieutenant M.Panas).
Technical Company (Commander Lieutenant M.Chih)
Field Gendarmerie Company (Commander Ensign M.Kozak)

9th Artillery Regiment: 16 field guns
Commander: Captain Birkenau
Chief-of-staff: ?

1st Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant V.Babij)
2nd Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant Siwi)
3rd Artillery Battery (Commander Ensign Gryckevych)
4th Artillery Battery (Commander Ensign Julijchuk)

In January-February 1919 the 9th Ugniv Rifle Brigade had 1600 bayonettes, 14 machine-guns and 16 artillery pieces, defending front sector Ugniv Belz, HQ at Ugniv.

6th Rava Rifle Brigade was formed in late January 1919 on the basis of combat groups led by Lieutenants Ivan Klee and Julian Golovinsky, which operated independently in Lubachiv and Rava-Ruska districts, and the Yavoriv combat group.

Commander: Captain V.Stafinjak, Captain J.Golovinsky
Chief-of-staff: Captain J.Golovinsky, Captain I.Penchak
Brigade Doctor: Captain V.Bilozir
Brigade Chaplain: Father T.Chajkivsky

1st Infantry Battalion (Commander Lieutenant Grynevych)
2nd Infantry Battalion (Commander Lieutenant Gerus), 2 companies only
3rd Infantry Battalion (Commander Lieutenant I.Klee)
Cavalry Demi-Company

6th Artillery Regiment: 12 field guns and 2 heavy howitzers
Commander: Captain R.Frisch
Chief-of-Staff: Lieutenant M.Sliuzar

1st Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant I.Vanchura)
2nd Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant O.Vynnychuk, I.Yarosevych)
3rd Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant I.Okolot, Lieutenant A.Prociv)
4th Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant K.Godovanets)
In February 1919 the 6th Rava Rifle Brigade had 3500 bayonettes, 75 sabres and 14 artillery pieces, defending front sector Ugniv Nemyriv, with HQ at Krekhiv.

10th Yaniv Rifle Brigade was formed in January 1919 on the basis of a rifle battalion led by Otaman A.Dolud of the UNR Army.
Commanders: Lieutenant-Colonel A.Dolud, Captain M.Klymkevych, Captain F.Kondracky, Captain I.Chajka
Chief-of-staff: Major O.Guber
Brigade Doctor: Captain V.Gamersky
Brigade Chaplain: Father V.Demchuk and Father M.Ripecky

1st Infantry Battalion (Commander Captain M.Klymkevych)
2nd Infantry Battalion (Commander Captain M.Yarotsky)
3rd Infantry Battalion (Commander Captain L.Liskovsky)
4th Infantry Battalion (Commander Lieutenant M.Dackiv)

10th Artillery Regiment: 16 field guns
Commander: Major K.Karas
Chief-of-Staff: ?

1st Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant Lishchynsky), had trophy Polish guns
2nd Artillery Battery??Battery of Death? (Commander Captain V.Galan)
3rd Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant I.Kozak)
4th Artillery Battery (Commander Lieutenant I.Beleshta)



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