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Ancients to Medieval
Wars & Ages
  History of The Decline And Fall of The Roman Empire
  Online version of this book
  Roman Army
  Good resource on this once mighty force
  Roman Empire
  Huge site
  Roman military cults
  Stepping behind the spears and shields of the legions
  Roman arms and armour
  Great introduction to the weapons of the Roman army
  From Rome to Medieval Europe
  Byzantine, Theban Tribunal Sourcebook
  A huge ressource
  Byzantine studies
  A resource on all stuff Byzantine
  The Vikings in England
  Story of the Danes and their raids against England. Beautiful site!
  Battle of Hastings
  Good site about this battle. The main site is also really interesting!
  Medieval Europe
  Internet medieval sourcebook
  Info about the crusades
Weapons, Warfare & Tactics
  Weapons & Hardware
  European swords:
  Good site, but a little hard to navigate. The virtual museum is great!
  Site and discussion board about medieval and renaissance swords, daggers and associated weapons
  The English longbow
  A short article about this devestating weapon
  The Armoury of the dukes of Burgundy
  Beautiful pictures
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