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This is the 1.JmA collection of useful links. It is an ongoing project and is supposed to continually expand as the secrets of the net is slowly unraveled (this is a nice way of saying Under Construction...).

If you have links you want to share or you have comments on this endeavour, please mail us here. Since we aim to comment the links, any info of the veracity of the websites is welcome as well. We will off course try to remove dead links as fast as possible; if you find any please let us know.

The links are organized as the Forum. We thought that was logical. Yeah.

Last updated: 27.06.2006


Warfare through the Ages
  Ancients to Medieval
  30 Years War to World War One
  World War One
  World War Two
  Cold War
  Current Military Matters
Weapons, Warfare & Tactics
  Weapons & Hardware
  Tactics & Doctrine
Politics & Political History
  Politics & Ideology
  The Middle East
At Ease!
  Wargaming & Military Hobbies
  Shore Leave