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Current Military Matters
Last updated 27.07.2006
  Speaks for itself. If only I could afford it....
  Military Analysis Network
  A great resource
  Global Security
  The place to find just about everything!
  Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
  Australia's oldest-established centre for the study of strategic, defence and wider security issues
  Altrough somehow biased, these guys are ofteh first with military news in the ME
  Intel dump
  One of 1JMA founder Grosbøls favorite sources. Up to date and sharp!
  Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
  Briliant source. Good in dept reports.
Campaigns, Battles & Units
  The swedish army
  Great site with lots of pics about the current swedish army
  Pakistani army
  A site on the Modern pakistani army. With the possibility of increased tension between India and pakistan, it might come in handy
  Pakistani Air Force
  History of the Air force
  Chinese defence today
  Briliant site on the current chinese army
  Australian Strategic Policy Institute
  Defence, down under
  Australias armys Land warfare study Center
  More defence from down under
  The attack on America
  Good site with a lot of info, mostly on Afganistan and Somalia
  The gulf war
  A good summery on the Gulf war
  Informed Comment
  Altrough biased, Juan Cole's knowledge of the ME often gives new info
Weapons, Warfare & Tactics
  Defence Industry Dailey
  A LOT of info..every day!
  David H. Hackworth
  The American army from the inside. Hackworth is known for his "No bull" style. He'll be missed (Passed away IN 05)
  US army infantary page
  Official page. Some good articles
  Airforce technology
  All the new gear
  Army technology
  The new gear for the ground wars
  Navy technology
  New naval gear
  Weapons and equipment from Russia
  Good ressource
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