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Shore Leave
Horsin´ Around
  Fun and sharp satire!
  Sick..wery sick, yet soooo funny. Home of the microwave Gerbil and the frogblender
  So, you want to be a bad guy? Rule the world? Go here first!
  Home of Ste and Ossie and the other punk-lads!
  The ultimative "Bad hairday" site. Fear the Mullet
  The Iraquian information minister!
  You gotta see this one. It's just plain funny :)
  Can't really explain this site. It's either funny or totally insane
  Biggest party in thw world... and the annual Penguiner tour destination
  Munich Nighs
  A bunch of lads who really know the Bavarian nightlife. Their Oktoberfest site is good
  Flat back four
  1JMA member Ste's band, They are really great!

The Cadet

  The place to buy 1JMA member Walt's book!
  Last words
  Famous last words role playing games. Some timeless classics
  Terrorist name generator
  What is your Taliban name??
  The battleship test

What kind of battleship are you??

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