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Weapons & Hardware
  Gear in the swedish army today
  All kind of hardware from the swedish army
  Weapons and equipment from Russia
  Good source
Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  The One and only Bovington tank Museum
  Danish Army Vehicles - past and present
  One of the few sites about Danish armour. From the first armoured cars to Leopard II's
  Arcane Fighting Vehicles - AFVs
  A good site on british armour. Some nice pictures of pre-WW2 armour
  Armour in Focus
  Some GREAT pictures for the tank- freak.
  Full metal Jacket
  Current tanks and IFV's in pictures
  Panzermuseum Munster
  Only in German..but they have some nice pics :)
  World War one
  The Renault FT tank
  Site dedicated to this little tank
  WW1 tanks
  Good site
  World War Two 
  Achtung Panzer
  Perhaps the best site on german armour on the net. Good pictures and articles.
  Finnish Armou museum
  Some great pictures
  Italian armour in WW2
  Yeps..they had Armour :)
  Modern firearms
  Pictures and data on some modern weapons.
  Cannon, machine gun and ammunition
  Top site by top penguiner Tony Williams. Chek it out, some of the best stuff around for the ammo-freak
  Info on all the firearms made by Heckler & Koch. Layout and pictures are top notch!
  Polish Firearms
  When you just GOTTA know something about Polish firearms.
  The AK site
  Info on all the different AK versions.
  Infantry Weapons of World War Two

  A good overview of the small arms, light AT and AA weapons used in WW2.
  Russian Mosin Nagant Page
  Good site about this Russian classic, but the music on the site is rather annoying
  Portable AT
  Great site about German WW2 anti tank weapons
  Railway Artillery
  Railway guns
  Site for the really big guns! Layout could be better, but good info on both WW1 and WW2 guns
  Russian Aviation Museum
  Good site, many planes and weapons, but the layout makes it hard to navigate
  Army technology
  The new army projects
  Airforce technology
  All the new projects
  Navy technology
  For all the sailors
  World War Two
  Air aces
  A huge list of Air aces trough the times
  B17 and B24 Page
  Site by 1JMA's own Sam Halpert. Worth a chek!
  Finnish air force aircraft in the world war two
  About Finnish planes in WW2. A lot more planes than I thought
  Luftwaffe 1946
  GREAT page about experimental German planes. They got some really strange stuff there!
  Me 163
  Site about this WW2 rocket fighter. Good pictures and info.
  Me 262-Stormbirds
  Beautiful site about this twin engined jet fighter.

The Battleship Bismarch

  Good site about this big German capital ship
  The Battleship Hood
  Great and visual impressive site about the Ship Bismarck send down. Chek out their image collection!
  Bismarck & Tirpitz
  Site about those 2 german ships. Quite basic, but chek out the model-pictures. They are neat!
  Prinz Eugen
  Good German navy site
  Scharnhorst & Gneisenau
  Site about the 2 smaller German ships
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