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World War One
  First World War
  A MUST see site. Simply brilliant. Easy to navigate
  World war 1 Encyclopaedia
Good overall site. Lot of info and drawings
  World war one factbook
  Good timeline, good work on chemical weapons.
  The British Army in WW1
  Great Site, according to 1JMA's WW1 experts one of the best on the web!
  Trenches on the web
  Another nice site
Campaigns, Battles & Units
  Accrington Pals
  The 'Accrington Pals' battalion, which suffered horrendous losses on the first day of the Somme
  Interesting site. Good pictures
  Australia in WW1
  Australia and WW1
  Part of the Australian war memorial
  Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1848-1918
  Good OOB's and good pictures.
  Newfoundland in WW1
  Newfoundland and the Great War
  Well made site about the troops from Newfoundland who fought at the Somme and in other major battles on the Western Front
Weapons, Warfare & Tactics
  Allied Armour in WW1
  A introduction
  Modelling and pictures of tank and arty's from the great war
  The air war
  Dark Autumn
  German Zeppeliner offensive in 1916
  The Aerodrome
  Fighters and aces of WW1. Nice site!
  The red baron
  Online version of Manfred von Richthofen's 1917 book Der Rote Kampfflieger
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