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World War Two
Last updated: 27.07.06
  General sites
  WW2 articles
  Articles, text only, about WW2. Some real good ones to be found.
  Armed forces of WW2
  A LOT of OOB's. Worth a look!
  Photo gallery of WW2
  A huge amount of great photos- Unfortunatly NOT in English but really worth a look anyway!
  Small but good Photo collection..seems to be growing!
  Lone Sentry
  One of the places that just keeps me comming back, a TOn of original WW2 info!
  German Forces
  Mein kampf
  Not shure were to put this, but anyway, a full online version of Hitlers book. Aviod the mainpage trough. They link to some "" pages!
  The best overview of German units in WW2
  3 reich factbook
  A impressive efford. A lot of good material to be found here!
  Virtual WW2 museum
  Nice site, unfortunatly it's only in German
  WW2, day by day
  Nice site. Includes a project with all the daily Wehrmacht reports from
1939-45 (right now finished up until Feb. 1941)
  Holocaust ..we must never forget
  Danish jews
  The fate of the danish jews
  The Holocaust
  Crimes, villans and heroes of the Holocaust.The pictures are not for the weak!
  Nizkor project
  Huge ressource! Dealing with the Holocaust and showing the lies of holocaust revisionism
  The non-jewish victims
  The other victims.
Campaigns, Battles & Units
  Winter war
  Winter war
  The best site out there about the struggle between Finland and USSR. By our own Sami!
  Denmark in WW2
  GREAT site, both in Danish and English.
  Norway 1940
  A site dedicated to the struggle of Norway in the spring of 1940
  Norway in WW2
  One of the coolest layouts I've seen in a while. Lots of info.
  Battle of Britain
  Battleof Britain
  The war in the air over England. Good site
  France 1940
  Good site, but a little disorganised.
  The Maginot line
  Site about this huge fortress line.
  The East Front
  Forgotten Battles of the German-Soviet War (1941-1945)
  By David Glantz. Mr. Eastern Front himself. Need we say more?
  The Battle for Stalingrad
  Good site about the russian defeating the 6 army.
  A great page about the opposing forces at Kursk (Not working right now.. we'll chek back later)
  WW2 in Ukraine
  North Africa
  Not strictly North africa, but important for the fighting there. Site about malta in WW2, mainly Pictures.
  Normandy 1944
  A site dealing with the German forces in Normandy
  A stunning and visually impressive site.
  Pacific/Far east
  The Franco-Thai Conflict in WW2
  A little known Indochina. Even got pictures of Thai Armour
  Units - Axis
  The Fallshirmjaegers
  Germanys airborne infantary
  Site about the famous German division. Includes some good maps
  German navy
  Really good site about the Kriegsmarine
  GREAT site about the german U-Boats
  Waffen SS
  12SS Hitlerjugend
  Site about the division that fought so hard in Normandy
  Other Axis forces
  Hungarian forces in Barbarossa
  Short site about the Hungarian military in 1941
  Italy in WW2- Commando Supremo
  Best site about Italy in WW2 we have seen.
  Regina Marina- The italian navy
  Good place to find pictures and data of most Italian ships
  Japanese navy
  Really neat site. Seems to cover a lot!
  Units - Allied
  British and Commonwealth OOB's
  Lots of OOB's
  Hell on Wheels
  The famous US division
  Dutch army 1940
  OOB of the Dutch army in 1940
  US army of WW2
  Links to other US-army sites
Weapons, Warfare & Tactics
  Achtung Panzer
  Perhaps the best site on German armour on the net. Good pictures and articles. The place to go, don't mis it! Altrough not updated as often anymore, it's still THE key site to german armour
  On-war: Tanks of the world
  Impressive amount of good data and scale drawings
  Good Panzer site!! Chek it out!
  Close defence weapons on German tanks

Panzer IV

  Site about the German PzKpfw IV
  Finnish Armour
  Site about the Finnish armoured force in WW2. Some great pictures
  Vehicles of WW2.
  Good site with tanks and armoured cars from most of the powers involved in WW2. Some "speciments" missing, but good overall site.
  Great site about German AT weapons. Also deals with flamethrowers, Mg's et
  German jets. Beautiful site
  The vector site
  All kind of aircraft info, including a LOt of good WW2 stuff!
  Finnish air force aircraft in the world war two
  About Finnish planes in WW2. A lot more planes than I thought
  German tank badges of WW2
  Why not??? Good gallery
  Lend Lease trucks in Russia
  New Site, but really really good!
  Places of WW2.
  A good source of info on places that are important to ww2
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