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This is the place we will post news of the various updates that is made to this site.

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Frontpage: Updated with an updates section (this very page, should you be in doubt!)
07.02.2003: We have added an updated FAQ to the main page
16.02.2003 We have added a new article in the WW2 section, Lend Lease trucks Russia
17.02.2003 We have updated some of the Links sections: Current military matters, Weapons and hardware, Wargaming and Military Hobbies and Shore leave
10-03 2003  We have a new article section Online-the Cold War section, currently with one article.
16-3-2003 New article online: Chemical weapons in WW1
26-3-2003 New article online: The Trojan War: Myth and Reality
26-4-2003 New article online: Another short story by Waltie, this time including some major firepower!. Also a update in the Links section
10-5-2003 New article online: The Bear Swallows the Eagle. Great article in the WW2 section.
10-6-2003 2 new articles online: Total War and Compass- a fictional battle. Also updated the links section.
17-8-2003 A new article section: Politics and Ideology
24-9-2003: 2 Really really great articles can be found here: Italian army in WW2 and Sovjet watime production
7-12-2003: Starting a general christmas cleaning and updating in the links section
16-2-2004: A new briliant article in the WW2 section, the British Empire at war
3-3-2004: A brand new set of great tank pictures, right here
31-3-2004 New article, Luftwaffen experten
12-6-04: New articles online. Part 2 of the NKVD articles, and Russian Airborne troops. There will be a few changes to the Forum as we will close down the Middle east forum and add a military "What if" forum.
12-6-04: Luftwaffen experten updated with more information.
15-10-04: More galleries added. Also, please chek out our new: Rules of engagement for the forum
24-9-05 Finally an update worth sharing. A new tank gallery
27-9-05: A new gallery with a few B 17 pictures
3-10-05 A new gallery/article about the British Centaur Tank
7-10-05 A new gallery with some briliant pictures of the WW2 B 25
10-12-05 A new gallery with some good shots of the F 117 stealth fighter
10-12-05 New article, a good deep look on theYankee-Pennamite Wars.
11-12-05 A new gallery with some shots of modern airpower
13-12-05 New article and picture Gallery, the Guns of Fredericia, on the Danish war in 1848-50
30-12-2005: We celebrate the end of 2005 with an article on late war Luftwaffe projects
03-1-2006: We start the new year with a short work on minor navies in the Interwar years
11-12-05 A new gallery with some shots of Aussie airpower and some AT guns and submarines as well
10-2-2006: We continue with YET another look at the more unknown parts of WW2, Sovjet military aid to China
18-2-06A new gallery with some great Tank pics from Australia, both modern and WW2
16-06-06 Finally..after a LOT of troubles, the forum is running smooth again. The database is changed so it runs a lot faster. The problems with timeouts should be over now. We are deeply sorry that the Forum have been slow for so long. Also, in the Forum, the Political section have been removed, as it tended to cause too much infighting.
17-06.06 A new Gallery with pictures of a Swedish destroyer
17-06-06: We continue with YET another special article you only find at places like 1JMA. A Order of Battle for the Ukrainian Galician Army I Corps of 1919
18-6-2006 We continue with another deep look at the more unknown parts of WW2, Frenchmen in the Red Army
 20-6-2006: A short work on the GB1 glide bomb is online
20-06-2006 A new gallery with some shots of Cuban and Swedish Armour is online
04-07-2006: We continue with anothe look at the more unknown parts of WW2, Ukranian Flakgunners in German service..Again, stuff like this is hard to find outside 1JMA.
08-07-2006:'s here. Justinians long awaited major work on The Ground Forces of the Imperial Japanese Army in the Second World War. As far as we know one of the best guides to the subject on English online.
13-07-2006: A short work on the Fritz X bomb and HS 293 missile systems have arrived
13-02-2007: Finally.some new stuff. First of all, the large and impressive "my War", one GI's journey from D day to Germany. This is one 1JMAspeciasl that we are truly proud to host! Also an analysis of the Vietnam war and the lessons that can be learned is now online!
1-03-2007 : We have moved to a brand new forum. The Old one will be keps as an archive of over 4 and a half year of wonderful mayhem and debate. The New forum can be found here. We have moved for several reasons. One was the old software was just that..old. And we had a lot of trouble with spambots. Also, we wanted to try out some new options ans shake things up. So, please join and have fun!
13-05-2007: Finally. I got the work on the M 50 Ontos online. Please enjoy this article on this weird little AFW
16-8-2007: Finally. We got some new stuff online. Markies great pictures from the War and peace show (including a Jagdpanther) and the first part of pictures from Danish Garnision museum, this time of MC's in the Danish Army